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We are just normal dog lovers, who strive to provide our precious doggies the best of what we can afford for them. Did you realize that dog treats that are made of chicken or meats, which are sold in the pet shop are mostly imported from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan? They are really pricey and not to mentioned that some of them doesn't looks fresh and healthy. Pepper started to gained weight tremendously and is always thirsty after consuming those treats.

That is when we decided to opt for homemade treats. Homemade treats have been very popular in places like Taiwan & Hong Kong. At least we know that only the best ingredients are used and our furkid's health is not at risk.

Here in Pepper's Pawsome Treat House, we provide treats that are made of carefully selected fresh raw meats, organic vegetables & fruits.

Our treats are made thru dehydration process which retains 99% of the nutrients and vitamins of the original meat/vege/fruits (unlike oven baked or microwave dried treats) & it does not contain the following:

- No by products
- No fats on meat selected (special handling will be made to removed fats)
- No corn
- No wheat
- No soy
- No sugar
- No salt
- And Most Important of all, NO PRESERVATIVE !

Additional Info on Nutritional facts & health concern on dehydrated food can be found here:

In Pepper's Pawsome Treat House, we assure you that your precious furkid's will be able to enjoy endless wholesome, nutritious and tasty treats, at the mean time still staying fit & healthy as ever.

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Aug 8, 2010

[Pepper's Diary] Aug 8, Dogathon 2010

Weee..it's the Dogathon day!!!

We suppose to be there early in the morning, but as usual Mummy & Daddy are big sleepy-head who can't get out of bed that early. Well, we left home at 9am++ and reached UPM around 10am. I can literally smells other dogs far away from the parking and got super excited about it.

Pepper needs to do some basic health check before we are allowed to register. Hehehe..it's really ticklish. I guess the kakak and abang are still student :p However, they said that Pepper is in great health, which made Mummy very happy.

Then, we met this very colorful MS at the registration area. I guess her name is Minne as the name is being colored on the other side of her body. She looks punk! Mom, are u going to color me that way too? (Pepper's mom: Don't need, you are dark color, it's just gonna be waste of Mummy's $$ to try to dye color onto u)

The weather is good and there are so many humans and doggie friends around ^^ Pepper met a few of Pepper's buddy there, so did Mummy.

It's getting hot around 11am++, so this is what I did...hiding in each of the booth that we dropped by..hehehe. I'm smart, ain't I ^^

There's these 2 dogs from K9 Training School. I really salute that they can just sit there with all the distractions around them and still remained non distracted and calm. Pepper can do that too, but just for 3 seconds under such circumstances. (Pepper's Mom: Now u know why I said waste my effort and money sent you to school =.=")

Daddy managed to take pictures of 1 group of handsome husky too. Guess that they are having some husky gathering.

When the heat is getting on to me, Pepper just want to get into the car and enjoy the air-con. So looking at Pepper start being reckless and refuse to walk anymore, at last my humans decided to head home.

We met these 2 "Anubis" dogs at the exit. Guess that they went for the Anubis Run in the morning. Thank God, we can't make it on time...I don't wanna wear those things :p

It's a really tiring day as right after that I was being sent to have medicated bath to prevent ticks & fleas. Once got home, I just can't help it to find a comfort spot on Mummy's fatty tummy and off to my dreamland.

Dogathon was fun. We'll be there again next year ^^

Signing off,
Pepper Soo

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Pepper is a cheeky female Miniature Schnauzer. Born in 10th September, 2009. Pepper loves to eat, sleep, play and snuggle with Mummy & Daddy. Ooo..and not forget to mention that Pepper is also the main treat tester for Pepper's Pawsome Treat House ^^ Pepper is bearing the responsibility of making sure that the treats are at best quality and yummy. It's a "tough" job, but Pepper is doing really well with it !

About Pepper's Mummy & Daddy

Pepper's Mummy & Daddy are 2 humans that love Pepper the most in the world. Nothing is more important to them that having their little furkid being healthy & happy all the time. By making sure that Pepper is consuming healthy treats, Pepper's Mummy been making wholesome healthy treats for Pepper rather than opt to purchase treats off from the rack. Looking at Pepper loves the handmade treats makes Pepper's Mummy & Daddy want to share the secret recipe with other furkids's mummy & daddy, thus leads to the existence of "Pepper's Pawsome Treat House".

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